How to root Android device without using PC

How to root Android device without using PC

  1. What does it mean rooted device.
  2. Advantages and Disadvantages of rooted device.
  3. Third party apps Required for rooting and how they works.

What does it mean rooted device:

Are you aware? A rooted android device is much  powerful than the normal unrooted android device.Today I am  going to show you in this post that how to root your android device without using PC or computer.


Let’s start, So some user may think that it’s a kind of hacking.that’s not true at all instead Rooting Android phone demonstrate removing all the restrictions and limitation from the devices to perform all the task that we can’t perform normally with the unrooted android devices.

After Buying a smartphone,What Next ? For getting maximum output from your devices you have to root it. After rooting it you can do various things like get rid of Bloatware ,you can install custom ROMs,Overclock your CPU etc.


Advantages and Disadvantages of Rooting Android devices:

So,if you Have set your mind to root the devices you should know about their benefits.So here are some advantages of rooting android device:-

  • Custom ROMs: It is the  most common reason why most people root their android devices, for installing custom ROMs. Because custom ROMs are the very good way of testing the latest Android version even if your device not received update notification yet.


  • Incompatible Apps Installation:  Most of the apps require root access to run on the device.These are the apps which can help us to customize and tweak system hardware and software.After that you can install Dolby Atmos sound mod to boost sound performance of your Android device.  
  • CPU Clocking: We can clock CPU according to our usages.By decreasing the CPU frequency can lead to expandable battery backup.
  • Enhance the Battery Life:Rooted phone enhanced the charge holding capacity of battery and also support fast charging efficiently as according to feature of your phone.Makes you enable to customize apps which consuming more power of your phone.


  • Advertise Blocking for all the apps:Ad-blocking is simple on a web browser, but it gets infinitely more complicated on a smartphone or device. Pop-ups are considered a regular problem in most games and apps, but rooting takes care of it all immediately.  


Disadvantages of rooting devices:

  • Software Crashing:It means Phone is dead and become useless even if it’s warranty period is remained.Even phone can get virus that cause crashing of software.A common things has been noticed that people do with their rooted device to install customs rom which cause malfunctioning and introduction of virus.  
  • Warranty vanish:Major Disadvantage of rooting your android device that you will lose you device from warranty.Afterward there is no responsibility of manufacturer  on your device even if your device is in warranty period.
  • Update Problem:A good thing about unrooted Android devices is that the system update, no matter how late it comes, will definitely install and work well. The risk with rooted devices is that this may not happen.

Third Party Apps Required For Rooting Android Devices and How They Works


  • The Bootloader of your device must be unlock.
  • Phone should be connected with charger or at least 70% charged.
  • You should make full backup of your data(recommended).
  • Go to setting>Developer option>USB debugging>enable it.    



How it works:

  • Download and install Kingroot apk.
  • Click on try now to access the primary interfaces.
  • Now click on root now and wait until it roots your phone.


  • Now it will show you that your Devices has been successfully rooted.



How it works:

  • Download Framaroot apk into your phone.
  • Install it normally like other apps.
  • Once installed open it and choose “Install Superuser” option.


  • Now you can see many exploits are there.Select any exploits and after a few seconds it will show the successful message.
  • If you are able to see the good news message as “success” then it means Superuser and SU binary has installed.Then only thing you have to do is reboot your device. In case if it show Failed then Try another exploit if available, And Done.


How it Works:

  • First of all download baidu root application.
  • No Instal the apk in your device.
  • Open baidu application on your android phone.
  • Just Click on root button inside the app and wait till the bar reach the 100%


  • Restart your phone and your android device is rooted.



How it works:

  • Download Towelroot into your smartphone.
  • Install it into your phone and run it.
  • Then Click on “Make ir ra1n”


  • If you device is compatible then you can proceed to next step.
  • Your device will reboot after the application run. You will the message of successfully rooted.


Finally you have finished reading this Article.I hope you have learned a lot of things.Hopefully Now you can root Android device without using PC or Computer.

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Whatsapp can also be easily used via PC, since 2015. All you need is your phone having Whatsapp, chrome and a laptop having internet connection. Follow the given steps below to access Whatsapp via your PC.

FEATURES of using WhatsApp on PC

1. CHROME COMPATIBLE ONLY- If you want to access Whatsapp on web, it will only work on Chrome and only with a computer. A tablet or a mobile phone cannot be used to access Whatsapp through chrome.

2. ONLY UPDATED VERSION- Only updated version of Whatsapp will support Whatsapp web feature.

3. EXISTING USER- If you are an existing user of Whatsapp then only you could use Whatsapp web. You cannot sign in through your computer. It only works with Whatspp installed on Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone, iOS compatibility is blocked due to limitations set by Apple.

4. A SECURE APP- To access Whatsapp web you need to scan the QR code available. The QR code expires after a while hence allowing only a single connection between a client and computer.

5. PRETTY SAME LIKE OF THE PHONE- When you send a message the you will get the same single or double ticks and when read, the same double blue ticks. Hence, the functioning of both the mobile and web version is same.

6. ALL FEATURES NOT AVAILABLE- In the web version you can’t delete or forward messages. Besides, this you cannot leave a group or create it.

7. ATTACHMENTS- You can send attachments from your PC as long as they are photos. You can even view attachments sent by others and even take a selfie with the help of web cam.

8.TEMPORARY IN NATURE- The Whatsapp web is not permanent but temporary in nature. Attachments can be viewed but only if they are specifically downloaded. The main motive behind Whatsapp web is that you can use Whatsapp on the computer without the need to switch the device and as per your convenience.

1)  Launch the Google Chrome on your laptop/ PC and search for Whatsapp web by going to the site A QR code will appear on your screen. You do not need a special QR reader installed in your phone to read the code. Whatsapp web will only be available on Chrome.

2) Now, open Whatsapp in your phone and select the three dots on the right hand side in the Whatsapp window. A popup menu will appear. Select the Whatsapp web option from it.

3) Using the phone as a QR reader, scan the code on your laptop provided. You will be automatically logged into the Whatsapp account.

4) The interface will be pretty similar to phone Whatsapp, but you may need to change the settings in case it is a shared PC. As in the phone, selecting the three dots brings more options, on the laptop version of Whatsapp select notifications and control the privacy or desktop sound and alerts settings.

5) Starting new conversation in PC is pretty different as that of phone. In mobiles, you could start a new chat by just clicking on the plus icon and then the screen would show the option of chatting with that fellow. In PC however, the search function allows you to chat with a new friend and even allows you to filter existing chats.

6) To change a new line, in phone is easy by just using the arrow on the keyboard. But in PC you could change a line by pressing shift+ enter keys.

7) The Whatsapp web even allows you to share or take pictures.

 After selecting the paperclip option on the top of Whatsapp web, you will have two options, whether to select an existing image or to click a new one using your web cam.  To click a new pic using we cam, Whatsapp will ask for the permission to access the web cam. Allow Whatsapp to access pictures from web cam, and hence you could easily take new clicks.

8) You can change notifications settings via Whatsapp web. Snoozing the notifications or changing desktop alerts are among the various options available.

9) You can even view contact info by clicking on the three dots on the right hand side, while chatting.

Hence, do use this feature of Whatsapp so as to experience a much more improvised feature and use easily according to your needs.

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You TV Player Download for Android

 You Tv is the reason for what you are here for and what you have expected from it.But i can assure you that you will be able to get more.

Have You ever felt using Dailymotion, Youtube or any other video streaming apps as they are boring or waste of time?

So, it’s time to stop using them,Now it’s time to install You TV player on your Android Devices.

You are definitely going to thank me after exploring this application and you will feel that you can’t even think to Uninstall this application named You Tv Player, And moreover if you have other devices like PC,you will definitely going to search for You TV Player for PC.

Name of the application – You TV Player

Functions Of the application – Platform of Online Video , Online Streaming Videos.

Supports- Android | iOS | Mac OS | Windows

Developer of the application – RuloSoft

Version – 19.3.0 (2017)

Nowadays, Video Streaming application and websites are spam because some people posts contents which are annoying.

There are lots of advertisement which are annoying with all other applications and websites of video streaming.

But in this case,we thank to the developers of You TV Player, for launching such a great and user oriented application.They provides better as what we expect or we look for.They do not allow the advertisement to be on their application and they only have valuable content which is posted on the server.

The reason of You Tv Player ‘s Apk has been the top rated and most downloaded application as video streaming application on the different application stores.You TV has great popularity in few years and it is known for the platform of quality videos.

Features Of You TV Player App-

There are great benefits for downloading and having  You Tv Player app on Android Devices.There are some latest and unique features in this latest version of You Tv Player (v19.3.0) which is only found on this application.

Some Major features are as following-

  • YouTv player is No Cost video player and streaming application.
  • YouTv supports the Android devices which runs Android 3.0 and above.
  • YouTv also plays the video which are already in your internal or external storage of your device
  • YouTv supports all the video format like; Mp4,Avi,3Gp, etc
  • YouTv helps to maintain privacy of your videos ,you can set up your password. So the video will be play after your permission
  • YouTv is a great source of entertainment as it has several TV channels like;Sports,Movies,etc..
  • YouTv can be linked on your facebook account and then you will be able to get the interest of your facebook friends.

How to install You TV Player on Android-

Most of the android user download and install the application from Google Play Store. But it is something which is old method while the user is missing something which is different and great. If you’re searching for YouTube on Google Play Store you will easily get that because Youtube is developed under Google.But due to some reasons which leads to remove several brilliant applications like You Tv Player App and it cannot be directly download and install from Google play store. If you want to download YouTv player on android device you have to make some changes in setting of your device and after that you will be able to install You tv player apk.


Steps to download You Tv Player on Android-

Download You TV Player Apk– First of all, download You TV Player Apk file on your Android phone. You can get the You TV Player Apk download link in above paragraph. The latest version i.e You TV Player version 19.3.0 has been released in December 2017 and this version is more stable. Lots of bugs like lagging, crashing and video sticking has been fixed in this version. So, download YouTV Player Apk file quickly.

  • Download the You Tv Player apk

Go to search “ You Tv Player Apk “ from the following given links download the apk of You Tv Player on your Android Device try to download latest version of the application i.e. You Tv Player 19.3.0 It was launched by the developers in December 2017 and it is stable. All the bugs were fixed. DOWNLOAD APP FROM YouTv Player official Website


  • Enable unknown sources

The android devices comes with the Unknown Sources disable.

This helps to protect the device from malware and risk.You Tv Player is trusted application which is scanned through many softwares like antivirus e.t.c..You have to enable the unknown sources to install the apk files and after installing the apk files you can later disable it.

To enable the Unknown Sources,You have to do some steps;

Settings->Security->Unknown Sources->Enable->Ok


  • Install the You Tv Player

Open the folder in which apk file is saved after the downloading from internet. After enabling the unknown sources it will automatically show an option to install the application. Tap on install and accept the permission for You Tv player.

Congratulations! Finally, You TV Player is successfully installed On Android Device for free of cost.

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