How to root Android device without using PC

How to root Android device without using PC

  1. What does it mean rooted device.
  2. Advantages and Disadvantages of rooted device.
  3. Third party apps Required for rooting and how they works.

What does it mean rooted device:

Are you aware? A rooted android device is much  powerful than the normal unrooted android device.Today I am  going to show you in this post that how to root your android device without using PC or computer.


Let’s start, So some user may think that it’s a kind of hacking.that’s not true at all instead Rooting Android phone demonstrate removing all the restrictions and limitation from the devices to perform all the task that we can’t perform normally with the unrooted android devices.

After Buying a smartphone,What Next ? For getting maximum output from your devices you have to root it. After rooting it you can do various things like get rid of Bloatware ,you can install custom ROMs,Overclock your CPU etc.


Advantages and Disadvantages of Rooting Android devices:

So,if you Have set your mind to root the devices you should know about their benefits.So here are some advantages of rooting android device:-

  • Custom ROMs: It is the  most common reason why most people root their android devices, for installing custom ROMs. Because custom ROMs are the very good way of testing the latest Android version even if your device not received update notification yet.


  • Incompatible Apps Installation:  Most of the apps require root access to run on the device.These are the apps which can help us to customize and tweak system hardware and software.After that you can install Dolby Atmos sound mod to boost sound performance of your Android device.  
  • CPU Clocking: We can clock CPU according to our usages.By decreasing the CPU frequency can lead to expandable battery backup.
  • Enhance the Battery Life:Rooted phone enhanced the charge holding capacity of battery and also support fast charging efficiently as according to feature of your phone.Makes you enable to customize apps which consuming more power of your phone.


  • Advertise Blocking for all the apps:Ad-blocking is simple on a web browser, but it gets infinitely more complicated on a smartphone or device. Pop-ups are considered a regular problem in most games and apps, but rooting takes care of it all immediately.  


Disadvantages of rooting devices:

  • Software Crashing:It means Phone is dead and become useless even if it’s warranty period is remained.Even phone can get virus that cause crashing of software.A common things has been noticed that people do with their rooted device to install customs rom which cause malfunctioning and introduction of virus.  
  • Warranty vanish:Major Disadvantage of rooting your android device that you will lose you device from warranty.Afterward there is no responsibility of manufacturer  on your device even if your device is in warranty period.
  • Update Problem:A good thing about unrooted Android devices is that the system update, no matter how late it comes, will definitely install and work well. The risk with rooted devices is that this may not happen.

Third Party Apps Required For Rooting Android Devices and How They Works


  • The Bootloader of your device must be unlock.
  • Phone should be connected with charger or at least 70% charged.
  • You should make full backup of your data(recommended).
  • Go to setting>Developer option>USB debugging>enable it.    



How it works:

  • Download and install Kingroot apk.
  • Click on try now to access the primary interfaces.
  • Now click on root now and wait until it roots your phone.


  • Now it will show you that your Devices has been successfully rooted.



How it works:

  • Download Framaroot apk into your phone.
  • Install it normally like other apps.
  • Once installed open it and choose “Install Superuser” option.


  • Now you can see many exploits are there.Select any exploits and after a few seconds it will show the successful message.
  • If you are able to see the good news message as “success” then it means Superuser and SU binary has installed.Then only thing you have to do is reboot your device. In case if it show Failed then Try another exploit if available, And Done.


How it Works:

  • First of all download baidu root application.
  • No Instal the apk in your device.
  • Open baidu application on your android phone.
  • Just Click on root button inside the app and wait till the bar reach the 100%


  • Restart your phone and your android device is rooted.



How it works:

  • Download Towelroot into your smartphone.
  • Install it into your phone and run it.
  • Then Click on “Make ir ra1n”


  • If you device is compatible then you can proceed to next step.
  • Your device will reboot after the application run. You will the message of successfully rooted.


Finally you have finished reading this Article.I hope you have learned a lot of things.Hopefully Now you can root Android device without using PC or Computer.

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