Whatsapp can also be easily used via PC, since 2015. All you need is your phone having Whatsapp, chrome and a laptop having internet connection. Follow the given steps below to access Whatsapp via your PC.

FEATURES of using WhatsApp on PC

1. CHROME COMPATIBLE ONLY- If you want to access Whatsapp on web, it will only work on Chrome and only with a computer. A tablet or a mobile phone cannot be used to access Whatsapp through chrome.

2. ONLY UPDATED VERSION- Only updated version of Whatsapp will support Whatsapp web feature.

3. EXISTING USER- If you are an existing user of Whatsapp then only you could use Whatsapp web. You cannot sign in through your computer. It only works with Whatspp installed on Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone, iOS compatibility is blocked due to limitations set by Apple.

4. A SECURE APP- To access Whatsapp web you need to scan the QR code available. The QR code expires after a while hence allowing only a single connection between a client and computer.

5. PRETTY SAME LIKE OF THE PHONE- When you send a message the you will get the same single or double ticks and when read, the same double blue ticks. Hence, the functioning of both the mobile and web version is same.

6. ALL FEATURES NOT AVAILABLE- In the web version you can’t delete or forward messages. Besides, this you cannot leave a group or create it.

7. ATTACHMENTS- You can send attachments from your PC as long as they are photos. You can even view attachments sent by others and even take a selfie with the help of web cam.

8.TEMPORARY IN NATURE- The Whatsapp web is not permanent but temporary in nature. Attachments can be viewed but only if they are specifically downloaded. The main motive behind Whatsapp web is that you can use Whatsapp on the computer without the need to switch the device and as per your convenience.

1)  Launch the Google Chrome on your laptop/ PC and search for Whatsapp web by going to the site https://web.whatsapp.com. A QR code will appear on your screen. You do not need a special QR reader installed in your phone to read the code. Whatsapp web will only be available on Chrome.

2) Now, open Whatsapp in your phone and select the three dots on the right hand side in the Whatsapp window. A popup menu will appear. Select the Whatsapp web option from it.

3) Using the phone as a QR reader, scan the code on your laptop provided. You will be automatically logged into the Whatsapp account.

4) The interface will be pretty similar to phone Whatsapp, but you may need to change the settings in case it is a shared PC. As in the phone, selecting the three dots brings more options, on the laptop version of Whatsapp select notifications and control the privacy or desktop sound and alerts settings.

5) Starting new conversation in PC is pretty different as that of phone. In mobiles, you could start a new chat by just clicking on the plus icon and then the screen would show the option of chatting with that fellow. In PC however, the search function allows you to chat with a new friend and even allows you to filter existing chats.

6) To change a new line, in phone is easy by just using the arrow on the keyboard. But in PC you could change a line by pressing shift+ enter keys.

7) The Whatsapp web even allows you to share or take pictures.

 After selecting the paperclip option on the top of Whatsapp web, you will have two options, whether to select an existing image or to click a new one using your web cam.  To click a new pic using we cam, Whatsapp will ask for the permission to access the web cam. Allow Whatsapp to access pictures from web cam, and hence you could easily take new clicks.

8) You can change notifications settings via Whatsapp web. Snoozing the notifications or changing desktop alerts are among the various options available.

9) You can even view contact info by clicking on the three dots on the right hand side, while chatting.

Hence, do use this feature of Whatsapp so as to experience a much more improvised feature and use easily according to your needs.